Citrus Savings and Loan is the No. 1 Choice of Cooperatives in the Philippines today for implementing a Computerized Accounting System.  Citrus is a complete system which includes General Ledger, Member Savings and Loan Accounts Ledgers, and Computations for Savings Interest, Dividends, and Patronage Refunds.          



Maintains Your Accounting Data

Citrus SL has G/L module and Reports like Financial Condition, Statement of Operation, and Trial Balance.

Maintains Members S/L Accounts

Citrus SL has Account Verification which displays status of Your Member's Savings and Loan Account Balance.

Ready for Your Teller Operations 

Citrus SL has Transactions Printing and Passbook Printing ready for your Teller/Cashier operations.


Multi-User System with Security

Citrus SL is a multi-user system where you can setup each User with an Access Security specific to functions.

Built-In Backup and Restore Data

Citrus SL has a built-in Backup and Restore Data functions to allow Admin to backup the system anytime.

Windows-base and Stable Database

Citrus SL can run on MS Windows Operating System (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10) and uses a stable and scalable Database.

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